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The U.S. Government provides various benefits associated with the death and burial costs of veterans of the U.S Armed Forces. Veterans served by R.W. Baker & Company Funeral Home are typically served by and interred in the Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery. Following is information regarding benefits, costs, eligibility and Albert G. Horton Cemetery.

What is Provided?

  • assignment of a gravesite

  • opening and closing of the grave

  • ordering and placement of the grave marker

  • perpetual care for the veteran and their spouse/ eligible dependent

Additionally, veterans may choose one option from the three following choices: Casketed Ground Burial, Cremation Ground Burial, or Cremation Above-Ground inurnment in our Columbarium Niches.

What is the Cost?

There is no cost to the veteran for these services, as the U.S. Government covers the cost. For the spouse/ eligible dependent, the cost is $300.

Who is Eligible for Interment?

U.S. Armed Forces members from Virginia who die on active duty, who are honorably discharged or who retire from military service are eligible for burial in one of Virginia's veterans cemeteries.

Under certain conditions, the following persons are also eligible for interment:

  • Members of the reserve components of the Armed forces, such as the Army National Guard or Air National Guard.

  • Members of the Reserve Officer's Training Corps of the Army, Navy, or Air Force.

  • Any Citizen of the United States who served in the Armed Forces of any government allied with the United States during wartime.

  • Any Commissioned officer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or the Regular or Reserve Corps of the Public Health Service.

  • American merchant seamen who served actively during World War II.

  • Anyone who dies while enroute to be inducted into military service.


A legal spouse (or widow or widower) and/or an unmarried minor child under age 21 is eligible. Also, an unmarried adult child who, before the age of 21, became permanently incapable of self-support because of physical or mental disability may also be interred.

Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery

Hours of Operation & Contact Information

Public visiting hours are everyday during daylight hours. Cemetery administrative offices are open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery
5310 Milners Road
Suffolk, VA 23434


Provisions for Preapplication

For expediency, a veteran may apply prior to death to determine eligibility for interment in the cemetery.

The pre-application form may be downloaded by clicking on one of the links below. A copy of the pre-application may be obtained by mail by calling the cemetery at (757) 539-4691.

Besides the pre-application form, documentation of military service (DD214 or equivalent) and a copy of a marriage certificate, if applicable, must also be submitted. You must also inform cemetery management of other dependent eligibility status at time of application. R.W. Baker staff can help you with this.


Other Burial Containers

Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery provides outer burial containers for in-ground casketed burials. An outer burial container is an enclosure (made of reinforced concrete with a domed lid, or of steel) in which caskets are placed, which protects the cemetery lawn from sinking down and possibly crushing the casket.

Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery provides outer burial containers for military service men and women, and their dependents that meet quality and performance standards set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Outer burial containers purchased from a funeral home or other source must meet the same standards. Veterans and their families also have the option to purchase an outer burial container and placement services from a funeral home or other source.

Burial Flags

The VA provides an American flag to drape the casket of a veteran and to a person entitled to retired military pay. After the funeral service, the flag may be given to the next of kin or a close associate. VA also will issue a flag on behalf of a service member who was missing in action and later presumed dead. R.W. Baker staff can help eligible persons obtain a flag.