The Helpful Carriage

The death of a significant other after a long-time relationship can be one of the toughest ordeals seniors go through.

While the subject of medical, funeral, and burial arrangements during the final moments of life or after you or your loved one has passed away is not a very talked about topic in today's society, most people have an idea of how they would like their last wishes to be carried out. Medical final wishes such as life support or other arrangements, whether they would like to buried, cremated, or something a little more unique; and what type of service, if any, they would like are significant decisions that need to be discussed.

 Coping with grief due to the loss of a loved one is especially hard during the holiday season. You miss that person more as this is a time where you usually would have been with them celebrating and making memories.

During difficult times such as the loss of a loved one, you should not underestimate the importance of having the right clergy or celebrant assisting you to craft a ceremony befitting of the late life and memory of your loved one.

One of the most responsible things we can do to ensure undue burden and stress is not left to our loved ones is to pre-plan your funeral.

Tribute Video

A tribute video is a beautiful way to share your loved one's life and a keepsake you will treasure forever. At R.W.